Super Trader Presentations Copy

My aplogies for some of the fuzzy footage on these. On day 2 I apparently turned off autofocus on Camera 2 at some point so the wide angle for the presentations on that day is out of focus. ๐Ÿ™

Bruce Walicek – ST2

(1hour 49min)

Chuck – Upcoming Opportunities in US Repo Market
(note this may not be relevant after January 2020)

(1hour 2minutes)

Chunlong Li – ST1

(1hour 24minutes)

Dominic Boire – ST3

(2hours 24minutes)

Edwin Mercado – ST1 and 2

(2hours 36minutes)

Lynne Cohoe – ST1

(1hour 15minutes)

Nick Falla – ST1

(1hour 44minutes)

Remus Miclea – Stories

(1hour 23minutes)

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