Other Trillion Dollar Industries That Are Almost Untouchable By Politicians – Social Media and the Advertising Industry

  • Social media where you can say anything to meet your agenda . Facebook and Twitter for example allow you to say what you wish, backed by evidence, or not. Google tracks people and tends to have an immense amount of information and develops a complete profile on you which it can sell for big bucks.
  • Advertising industry (fear, greed and outshine everyone else)
  • Distraction industries (used by big money) – books, music, major league sports, movies. This is where the general public gets their heroes (= fame and some fortune). Most stars might be multimillionaires, but they are small players in the big money game.  Sometimes they can you their fame to get into the power game (Reagan)
    • Six companies and 15 billionaires own most of it.  They control air time for politicians, so if they don’t like someone, they get no airtime.  For example, Bernie Sanders had a good chance at winning the democratic primary, but the media basically stopped giving him air time.   In contract, Donald Trump got the most air time of any candidate.   And someone like Marianne Williamson has no chance at all.
    • Those companies are Comcast (Brian Roberts); Disney (Bob Iger); Time Warner (Jeff Bewkes); News Corporation (Rupert Murdock); National Amusements (Sumner Redstone); and Sony (Zazuo Hirai)
    • Those companies owe major media channels, newspapers and magazines, book publishing companies, internet bandwidth, movies, music, etc)    They collectively control 90% of what we watch, listen to, or read.   
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