2. Other Resources Copy

a. Things To Read: Interviews with Gabriel, Forex articles, The-3-Systems, Recommended reading

b. Broker’s Information

c. Recording of FX Follow-Up workshop call (audio)

d. Testimonials: After-workshop evaluation of systems in practice, Workshop overall

2.d.1 2014.3 Alastair_After.3Months_Forex
6min. 39sec.

2.d.2 2015.3 Dave_After.12Months_Forex
5min. 13sec.

2.d.4 2015.2 Live Testimonials_May
2min. 6sec.

2.d.5 2016.1 Forex Testimonials_Feb
4min. 15sec.

2.d.6 2016.2 Live Testimonials_Feb
2min. 25sec.

e. Awareness: Finding Balance, Zero state, Hawkins’ Scale of Consciousness

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