The Absolute Full Position Sizing Package

This pack contains everything you will ever need to understand about harnessing the power of position sizing to help you preserve your assets while meeting your trading objective.

For a flat $1,000 you will get $1,888 of product. One course alone in this pack sells for $1,295. And you get the full pack for less than that. That makes the course discounted by 30% and its like getting the three other items free.

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In addition to lecture material contained in this course, you will play Dr. Tharp’s world-renowned Marble Trading Game. 

This game is designed to test your position sizing skills and teach you the importance of choosing your position sizing algorithm based on your objectives. You play this game with several virtual players who have different objectives, use different position sizing strategies, and finish with different equities. You will learn some extremely valuable lessons from the game regardless of whether you finish with the highest equity.

What You Will Learn:

  • How to meaningfully measure your trading results based on what you risk in each trade.
  • A fast and simple position sizing technique.  You don’t have to be an advanced or even intermediate trader to use this simple method like a pro. This strategy could easily help you avoid worrying about or realizing catastrophic losses.
  • How to make trading easier by using proper position sizing strategies.  Improper position sizing strategies make it harder for you to achieve your objectives, and they can also make trading a very emotionally-charged activity.
  • Whether your position sizing strategy is supporting your objectives or preventing you from reaching your trading goals, using optimal objective-based position sizing strategies can make a world of difference in your trading results.
  • How to define equity.  This course presents three ways to calculate equity.  How you define equity can make a huge difference in how you choose and apply your position sizing strategies.
  • What to expect from your trading system in the future.  Finding the risk-adjusted returns for your trading system allows you to create a position sizing strategy that gives you confidence in achieving your objectives.
  • Position sizing strategies apply to FOREX, stocks, futures, and options.  Just as trading these instruments is slightly different, applying position sizing strategies to each of these markets is slightly different although equally as critical.  You can see this in position sizing examples for the various markets.
  • An advanced position sizing strategy used by a number of top traders.  This strategy allows you to minimize your risk and protect your equity while multiplying your earnings at an accelerated rate.

“I now realize all along that the main flaw in my lack of success in trading has been the lack of position sizing. This course has been an eye-opening experience for me.”— Joe Rogers

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Knowing how to interpret the SQN score for your trading systems allows you to develop position sizing strategies for “good enough” trading systems and still reach your trading objectives! A must for anyone interested in improving their trading though Van Tharp’s Position Sizing Strategies!
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