1-About Stock Picking

About Stock Picking – Lesson One People are always looking for the ‘real’ secrets of trading success, but mental biases have them looking in the wrong places and at the wrong things. Consequently, they search for great entry systems that they think will help them pick the right stock. Picking the right stock has nothing …

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4- What is a Trading System?

What is a Trading System? Lesson 4 What most people think of as a trading system, Van would call a trading strategy that consists of seven parts: Set-up conditions. An entry signal. A worst-case stop loss. Re-entry when appropriate. Profit-taking exits. A position sizing algorithm. Multiple systems for different market conditions (at least three). The …

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2- Go Beyond The Average Investor

Go Beyond the Average Investor: Lesson 2 Watch this short (less than 4 minute) video in which Dr. Tharp talks about the importance of having a business plan for your trading. Listen carefully to the points Dr. Tharp makes about creating a working document for your trading. While you may not yet know the answers to …

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Download Outline for Your Business Plan

You will find many resources at VTI for developing a plan for your trading. Download this excerpt for a handy reference outline of what you need to include in your own plan. What you learned in this course: What a business plan should include Treating your trading like a business The importance of having …

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