So Why Do Most Traders Lose?

The three obvious reasons why most people won’t follow the new rules First, most people think that trading is easy.  You open up an account, get some buy recommendations and hold on, hoping to make a fortune.   And if some authority says buy XYZ, do it without question.   I don’t know whether is still occurs …

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Finally, Some Winning Marbles

In early 2010—almost 10 years after buying Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom—I thought I might be ready to try trading again on my own. I was still scared of losing, but believed that if I kept my position sizes relatively small, I could stop trading and limit my losses. To promote discipline, I created …

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What is Expectancy?

A trading system can be characterized as a distribution of the R-multiples it generates. Expectancy is simply the mean, or average, R-multiple generated. But what does that mean, exactly? A Brief Overview of Risk and R-Multiples If you’ve read any of Dr. Tharp’s books, you know by now that it is much more efficient to …

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3- Bonus Download: R and R Multiples

Download this Special Report on R and R Multiples – Lesson 3 You need a basic understanding of these concepts to benefit from the free Profit Trainer Download coming your way. First, you need to study this report which includes a chapter from Van Tharp’s best-selling book, Trade Your Way To Financial Freedom. A_Short_Lesson_on_R_and_R-multiple Don’t …

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